Concrete Levelling (Slab Jacking)  is a process which was initially used on residential & domestic projects, however, as it became more popular as an effective solution to  sunk or unlevelled concrete slabs, it became more cost-effective that it is now the most common solution for uneven concrete slabs in Industrial & Commercial, Civil as well as Residential projects.

Slabacking is most effective as a solution for repairing sinking concrete slab structures due to its diverse applications. Concrete mixtures can vary in composition and materials, however, concrete slabjacking can be applied to almost any sinking concrete slab. The most common reasons for sinking slabs is poorly compacted dirt or fill underneath the affected concrete slab. Sub-surface erosion is also a common cause of slab sinking.

Slab Jacking can be applied to sinking concrete areas where the sinking slab is lifted, elevated or levelled to its original intended position. This is achieved by pumping special composites under the sinking slab causing it to elevate. The process carried out using specialised equipment and materials.

After examining affected areas, Slab Jacking is then applied in a planned manner to achieve the desired results and restoring your concrete slab to its correct and even position.


Slab Jacking or Slab Lifting is the most effective remedy and repair for uneven or un-levelled concrete flooring structures. While it is not limited to these applications, Slab-jacking can be applied to:

  • Pavement Lifting / Levelling / Under-sealing.
  • Infrastructure Foundation Repair and Void Filling.
  • Highway & Road Levelling.
  • Airport Runway & Taxiway Levelling.
  • Bridge Approach Void Filling.
  • Abandoned Sewer Line Void Filling.
  • Factory/Warehouse Floor Levelling.
  • Residential Driveways & Outdoor Area Levelling.
  • Manhole Leak Repair.
  • Structure Stabilisation.
  • Interior Floor Stabilisation.
  • Heavy Machinery Stabilisation.


With the proper equipment and materials, the process is relatively simple skill, knowledge and experience:

  • A small (often no bigger than 16mm) hole is drilled into the affected concrete slab / footing.
  • Polyurethane foam is precisely injected into the void beneath the slab using specialised system and equipment. As it expands (5-20 Seconds), the concrete is raised back to its original position and permanently stabilised. The resistance of lifting the concrete structure adds a downward pressure which compacts the base soils providing a more robust solution.
  • The holes are then filled using a fast setting structural repair mortar, the site cleaned and demobilised.
  • Due to the short hardening time of the polyurethane material, the concrete surface is immediately ready for use. The dense polyurethane material is also impervious to water preventing future erosion problems.


  • Stronger Technical Knowledge brought by over 30 specialised technicians throughout NSW and VIC with combined experience of over 180 years in the industry.
  • Extensive specialist training making the CPR Slab Jacking the strongest in the industry.
  • Mentoring programmes and feedback capture systems backed by a specialist Customer Support Team.
  • Greater manufacturer support.
  • Custom made Slab Jacking and large volume Gunite spray trucks.
  • Custom built and maintained machinery.. All CPR machines have been modified to better suit site conditions.

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