Polyurethane Injection is a strong and effective tool for lifting and levelling concrete and has become the standard in the commercial industry. It is an excellent method for gap sealing in the soil as well as under-sealing. Heavy machinery can cause an unwanted upset in soil and/or concrete movement. We can stabilise weak areas of heavy equipment and lift concrete where needed.


Uneven concrete floor slabs, walkways and work areas and other such infrastructures can cause hazards that can be unsafe for the worker and damage machinery and plant equipment. Utilising Polyurethane Injection companies can quickly and with great effectiveness allow for easy rectification. The process means that most of the time residential properties, factories and other business places can continue operation through rectification process – saving thousands of dollars in lost productivity.


Expansion and cold joints are weak points for water ingress which can create slabs to subside. Left untreated subsided joints run the risk of damaging machinery, being trip hazards and increasing the odds of injury at work – left untreated this can prove costly to any business. CPR Jacking’s system is a quick and non-invasive treatment perfect for stabilising and re-levelling slabs at joints. The procedure can be carried out in a matter of hours, saving your business time and money.

Applications include: Roads and industrial driveways and internal warehouse slabs, machinery bases that vibrate or sink, joint repairs caused by slabs moving under load, curb and ramp repairs.


Improperly compacted soils can experience erosion. When heavy equipment and machinery is used is can further weaken the substrate which can cause voids underneath the surface of the concrete. Often times these voids go unnoticed which causes further deterioration to the surface. Polyurethane is injected to fill and support these voids and rehabilitate the existing surface.

Applications include: Subsidence caused by ground movement, erosion or washout. Improved ground bearing ,ability to fill at significant depths , underwater filling, foundation raising and support, swimming pool and tank re levelling, seawall repairs , re-floating pontoons or buoyancy structures.


The CPR team of Slab Jacking Experts are trained professionals who provide reliable advice, estimates and superior customer service and stand ready to assist you with your inquiries.

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CPR Jacking is operated by a team of qualified and trained Slab Jacking and Levelling workforce. You can request a quote by completing and submitting this form. Our staff will respond to your inquiries as soon as practically possible. For urgent inquiries, please contact us by phone.

  • All work is carried out by trained professionals.
  • We use premium quality Polyurethane Injection Materials.
  • We use Custom made Slab Jacking equipment and trucks.
  • We maintain a clean and tidy work site throughout the project.
  • We work in a planned and organised manner to minimise disruption to your site, home or premises.

IMPORTANT: Please note that a Minimum Contract limit of $15,000 apply to all CPR Slab Jacking projects.